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Hello folks!

Good news here at Got Repair today! The Samsung Stratosphere Screens are now off backorder! This backorder was a little longer than normal but we are happy to tell you that we are fully stocked and ready for your business!

We have a great supply on ALL Samsung screens so think of us for all your repair needs!

We want to give our customers a little gift for waiting patiently and sticking by us! We are happy to offer a $40 PRICE CUT on your Samsung Stratosphere Glass Repair! Previous price was $189 and now it is only $149! Place your order today!


Good evening!

I am happy to announce a new service we are offering! We now have the capability to repair the glass screens on Samsung Stratospheres. We love to add new services to the many great ones we already offer!

This service encompasses several aspects including, fixing the broken glass or damaged LCD in addition to a failing digitizer. The digitizer is the important part that senses your finger’s touch on the screen. After we receive your phone we will have it back to you in 24 hours!

So to order your Stratosphere Screen Repair, stop in and see us, send it in or have us pick it up from you! We have several new services coming so be sure to keep reading our Got Repair blog!

Have a good one,