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Hello Everyone!

Guess who I had lunch with today…Brian from NBC news! I have now agreed to do SIX interviews that will be airing after the Today show! I am doing a six part series for our mother company, Mission Repair, and although I am a little nervous, this will be amazing!

These interviews will be LIVE and done as 2-part segments (twice a month) in March, April and May! What will I be talking about? Well every time I get on the air I will discuss new services or features of Mission Repair that may be unknown to you!

The truly exciting (and nerve wracking) part will be that they will be live interviews…you will get to see me completely natural so try not to laugh if I goof up :)! NBC is launching this new show to make consumers aware of small businesses and we are proud to be a part of it and take the first slot!

You haven’t seen the last of us on your TV! Be watching for us in 4 weeks! I’ll keep you updated!

“3, 2, 1…ACTION!”

Good afternoon! All of the activity around here is incredible!

We had a great surprise yesterday…Fox 4 News called and before I knew it they were at our main office, Mission Repair! They got a microphone on me for a short interview and took some good shots of our team and customers! It really was a ton of fun even if I was a little nervous:)!

We are on the Fox 4 homepage today and if you missed us on the news here is the broadcast!

This has been a business changing experience! We are here for you!

Thank you for your business!