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Good afternoon! All of the activity around here is incredible!

We had a great surprise yesterday…Fox 4 News called and before I knew it they were at our main office, Mission Repair! They got a microphone on me for a short interview and took some good shots of our team and customers! It really was a ton of fun even if I was a little nervous:)!

We are on the Fox 4 homepage today and if you missed us on the news here is the broadcast!

This has been a business changing experience! We are here for you!

Thank you for your business!

I hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday! What a game! Did you catch our commercials?!

I just wanted to write a quick blog letting you all know our Superbowl commercials were a hit! We have been soo busy with new customers since Sunday…it’s been great!

More exciting news is that just the other day we had Fox 4 News at our mother company, Mission Repair! They interviewed me and got some great shots of the employees working hard! We were on yesterday’s Fox 4 News at 5pm and 6pm! Don’t worry if you missed it…I will post a link shortly!

Here’s a fun fact! “Super Bowl XLVI is the most-watched television program in U.S. history and the highest-rated Super Bowl in 26 years, according to fast national data released today by The Nielsen Company.”

Got Repair is very proud to be a part of this and it was a truly awesome experience to have not 1 but 2 commercials in it! This amazing opportunity has really let people know we are here and brought our business to a new level!

Be Back Soon!

Good morning all!

I am so excited for the Superbowl this weekend and more specifically, our Superbowl commercials! I am very eager to share them but you will just have to wait to see until Sunday :)! BUT…I will share some screenshots with you to get you excited with me! Our commercial “Slap Happy” is extremely funny and always gives me a good laugh, so I know you all will enjoy it!

Honestly, I am a little nervous since our mother company, Mission Repair, has never been represented on TV before! I decided to give it a good shot though, and we put TWO commercials in that will be airing live!

So be sure to join us on Sunday, 2/5/12! If you do happen to miss them don’t worry because you can watch them anytime online on our YouTube Channel!

So funny!

Our second commercial, “A Woman’s Scorn” is a good one as well and is easy to relate to;)!

He is not having a good day!

As a bonus we do have a THIRD commercial but it was deemed “too racy” for television but you can view it on our YouTube channel!

Can’t wait!