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Good evening! Wow it has been a super busy week here at Got Repair! We have a brand new sales office opening up and I recently moved my office upstairs! It was quite a process…you don’t realize everything that gets piled up over the years until you try to move it all! But I’m finally settled in and ready to go!

I was doing some thinking about our repair services this morning and realized that I really needed to discuss our diagnostic services with all of you! I want to be sure that everyone understands that we NEVER charge for diagnosing your device! That’s right, it is ALWAYS FREE! It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s an iDevice, computer or anything else we offer repairs on.

Why does this matter to you?

Well for one, it is great for building trust between us and you. We are happy to offer this free service because we feel that you will choose us for your repair needs! Not only do we offer reasonable prices but we are sure to diagnose your device correctly. We listen to our customers and let you be in control of your repair!

We don’t want our customers to feel obligated to go with us for their repair and we feel that this would happen if we charged for diagnosis.

Here at Got Repair it’s about doing your repairs right and building trust!

So you might be wondering what happens after we evaluate your device, relate the diagnosis and you choose to have it returned to you without repair? Well we may lose some money but you definitely won’t be pressured into buying a repair…we are willing to take the risk to offer you the best service possible!

Trust Got Repair.

Offering you fair and honest service is very important to us…so that is why Got Repair offers free diagnostic services! Go with us and you won’t be disappointed!

Have a good night!

Good Morning!

I was recently interviewed by a news outlet in Austin, Texas. They wanted me to share about our Apple MacBook Glass Repair. I want you to know that we take these computers in from all over the country; this is not just limited to Austin!

It is only $99 installed to get a new glass panel for ANY MacBook! This includes any size whether it is 13”, 15” or 17”. The new version of the MacBook Unibody Computer has a thin layer of glass; this protects the LCD screen. Our customers find that this glass can break which is not something you want happening to your valuable computer! If you call the manufacturer this repair can be pretty pricey!

13” MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
15” MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
17” MacBook Unibody Glass Repair

There are lots of reasons you should choose Got Repair to fix your MacBook! We are happy to offer our customers one flat rate, our Got Repair Benefits are included and you get your device back FAST!

If you need a repair, think Got Repair! Call 866-638-8402, toll-free!

Have a good day!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

It’s almost Friday and I have some great savings for all of you and my Got Repair Facebook Fans!

For anyone who would like to place an order today I am offering a coupon code for 20% off your repair! To take advantage of this discount, just enter the code, “FBFAN”, when you are checking out on our website! This discount is good on any repair…iPhone, MacBook, iPod, you name it!

Don’t wait! This savings expires at Midnight tonight, January 19, 2012!

I’ll be back soon!

Hello Again!

It has recently come to my attention that there are many questions and debates concerning iPhone 3G Digitizer and Glass repair. We have been getting in a lot of orders for this type of repair so I wanted to clear up a few things.

So you’ve cracked the glass on your iPhone 3G…

I realize that you can buy an iPhone 3G glass panel on eBay for around $20, however, this will NOT fix your iPhone! These glass panels do NOT come with the digitizer, the second layer under the glass top, attached to them. In addition, there is NO way to UN-attach your digitizer and put it on this new glass panel. If you are wanting to do this repair yourself, then you need to be sure to buy a replacement glass panel with a digitizer.

This repair would be A LOT easier if you buy the entire front panel including the home button, bracketry, digitizer and glass panel. BUT…you do not need to have this “complete” assembly. It is also not available on the market at this time.

The repair process has several steps. First, disassemble the iPhone. Take off the front panel then carefully remove the cracked glass and digitizer from the frame. Other repair centers use a utility knife to get the glass out, which can cause scrapes and damage to your phone.

The good news for you is that here at Got Repair we have developed a sure fire method of removing the glass panel successfully and without damage. With this careful system we insure the safety of your phone!

That’s all the information I have for you for now and I hope it is helpful! Take care if you are repairing your iPhone 3G yourself and if it proves effective then send us your resume :)! Great technicians are always an asset!

See you soon,

Good afternoon!

Amazing news here at Got Repair! What’s your favorite part of the Superbowl? I love watching the game BUT the commercials are definitely an imperative part of a successful Superbowl watching experience!

Can you guess our exciting news? Our mother company, Mission Repair, will be airing TWO live commercials during this year’s Superbowl XLVI! For the first time ever we are airing 2 LIVE commercials for millions of people to see!

This is a huge televised event looked forward to by tons of viewers every year and we are super excited to be a part of it! We actually have 3 commercials made…one seems to be “too racy” for TV but we are still making this 3rd commercial available for everyone to see on the internet only the day of the game!

I’m looking forward to a Superbowl party at my house! We hope you are going to be watching along with us at your own parties! Be a part of the excitement on February 5, 2012! Check out for more details!

Have a great week!

Hello folks!

Exciting news…at least for me ;)! I recently received an email that my Nest is coming!

You might be wondering what a Nest is. Well it is a very advanced home thermostat! This thermostat actually learns, can be controlled by my iPhone and saves money by heating or cooling our home according to our lifestyle! Not to mention it looks great too! I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes!

I’ll be back soon with some business!

Have a great night,

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

It’s Monday again and I was definitely feeling like I needed a little pick me up this morning when I got into work! I decided Starbucks would be just the thing to get me going and ready for the week!

I figured that everyone deserved a little Starbucks this morning so I went around and took everyone’s orders. Troy and I went out, got the coffee and returned successful! We Got Starbucks at Got Repair! 🙂

Starbucks is a nice way to start the week off right! Take a moment and do something for yourself!

Have a good day!